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Turnkey services for seamless projects.

“At KBI we realize every owner is different and projects come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore we embrace every delivery method and encourage the owner to select the method that works best for their organization.” – Charly Basnett, President

Which construction services best meet your needs?


KBI’s involvement prior to construction has minimized costly surprises for many of our clients.
Our knowledge of construction cost, materials, geotechnical data, structural alternatives, and mechanical and electrical systems can significantly impact the quality, cost, and timing of construction.

Construction Management

Acting as an extension of the owners, staff at KBI can provide pre-planning, design, construction, and management to ensure success regardless of the delivery method.

Design Build

Let KBI provide turnkey construction services, heightening the efficiency of your project. A single point of contact and single point of responsibility will maximize the project’s efficiency and minimize the risk.

Integrated Project Delivery

IPD employs methodologies that emphasize collaboration between the design team and contractor to achieve the owner’s objectives. In fostering a team mentality, it stands wholly apart from the separation of design and construction and the adversarial relationships that epitomize traditionally delivery methods.

General Contracting

Traditional design-bid-build construction services, where the design is completed without any contractor input until hard bids have been reviewed by the owner.

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